Welcome to Lesotho's Land Administration Online System

The Land Administration Authority (LAA) was established as an autonomous government body by the Land Administration Authority Act 2010 to modernize and improve land administration services and to reduce land transaction costs and the time it takes to acquire or dispose of a leasehold title to land. In doing so, LAA has supported this commitment by providing direct online access for both existing and new customers, to fulfill their Land Administration obligations. 


Account Login provides registered users direct access to personal and business accounts. This interactive customer account tool provides the ability to view current Leases, Plots, Bonds, and Deeds; update personal information; submit requested documents or reports; receive notifications; fulfill secondary transactions; make payments on accounts due such as Lease Payments, Ground rent, Application fees, etc.

Data Sales provides eCommerce capability for customers to register on the Portal and make payments for products such as location maps, survey diagrams, copy of a deed, etc. Users are then able to download their product, for a limited period of time.

External Links A number of links directing the user or prospective user, to external websites and resources. This includes the LAA website.

Start the process by providing registration and personal contact information for access to personal and business accounts under Account Register.


Click on the video below, for an illustration of how to register on the Land Administration Online System.