Documents for Download

Application forms and associated documents are available for download. The following instructions need to be adhered too:

(1). Download the relevant Forms that are necessary for your applications.

(2). Print and fill out the form thoroughly and correctly.

(3). Where required, ensure that all forms are signed. Thereafter, scan and upload with any other supporting documents when making the application.


Document for download: 

Affidavit For Lost Deed

LF01 Lease Application

LF02 Consent To Transfer

LF03 Consent To Sublease

LF04 Exemption From Ground Rent

LF06 Declaration Of Landholdings

LF07 Surrender Of Lease

LF08 Variation Of Lease

LF09 Extend Or Renew Lease

LF10 Registration Of Deed

LF11 Application For Certified Copy

LF11 Certified Copy

LF12 Approval of Survey

LF15 Subdivision Of Lease

Notice Of Lost Deed

Notice Of Lost Lease

S9 Form